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Zero-Point Tooling System for the Smart Factory

"EROWA MTS 4.0 is the first zero-point tooling system with wireless digital status monitoring. With its integrated sensor technology, the status of the chuck is always known," said a company spokesperson.

The MTS 4.0 maximizes process safety by monitoring the tooling system where the machining process takes place. Through the sensor data, new evaluation options are created, which allow for focused reports on the chuck status.

"In contrast to conventional zero-point tooling systems, monitoring sensors were specifically designed for the MTS 4.0," said the spokesperson. Each of the four chucks in the MTS 4.0 base plate are equipped with a sensor to check the presence of the workpiece holder and to monitor the actuating piston. There is also a force sensor to measure the clamping power. Similar to previous MTS versions, the chuck is operated with compressed air for opening, re-clamping and cleaning functions.

The chuck data and status can be visualized in real time through a display unit or the machine control unit. "Because of the comprehensive monitoring of the MTS 4.0, it can be assured that the pallet is safely clamped during the machining process," said the spokesperson. "Additionally, it is possible for preventative maintenance messages to be displayed when service is needed on the chuck. This is to ensure that a machine is always operating at peak performance and that there will not be any unnecessary down-times. Comprehensive status monitoring provides the operator with the certainty and security that the machine is safely operating both with manual loading/unloading of pallets and in a fully automated process."

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