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Swarf Press to Debut at IMTS 2022

At IMTS WEIMA will debut the C.200 swarf press and will also feature a four-shaft metal shredder for the size reduction of ferrous and nonferrous manufacturing scrap.

WEIMA offers single-shaft and four-shaft shredding options for light metal scrap and production waste from the automotive, aerospace and electrical industries as well as the metal processing sector.

"Anyone in the machine tool industry knows that creating small components can leave a big mess, and WEIMA is here to help," said a company spokesperson. WEIMA shredders can be fed in a variety of ways, including manually or via infeed conveyor. These machines are suited for processing ferrous and nonferrous materials.

"The processes of milling, drilling and turning can generate a significant amount of residual material," said the spokesperson. "The swarf byproduct from these processes is often bulky, sharp or otherwise unmanageable. The expensive cutting fluid is also nearly impossible to reclaim when the scrap is in this state. The PUEHLER C.200 swarf press from WEIMA allows this waste to be compressed into manageable discs for easier handling. The valuable cutting fluid is pressed out of the metal swarf and drained into a catch basin so that it can be reused or recycled. This technology saves on operation time and money while maximizing employee efforts. This all happens in one easy step."

Due to its compact footprint, the C.200 swarf press can be placed near machining centers alongside the conveyor. The bulky metal scrap can be directly fed into the C.200, eliminating the need for employees to handle this sharp, voluminous scrap. Cutting fluid, emulsions and coolant can be drained from the metal scrap and collected for reuse while the metal is simultaneously compressed. The employees can then focus their efforts on more lucrative and beneficial tasks.

"Compressing sharp, unwieldy metal scrap bundles or birds-nests into pressed discs makes recycling the metal more effective. Decreasing burn-off during the smelting process increases the value of the metal to scrap recyclers. The compact nature of these discs also maximizes valuable storage space in a warehouse," said the spokesperson.

For more information contact:

WEIMA America, Inc.

3678 Centre Circle

Fort Mill, SC 29715


IMTS East Building, Level 2

Booth 121113

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