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Monitoring Systems for Forming Processes

Marposs offers its Brankamp X-series of process monitoring systems for metalforming and stamping operations. "These real-time monitoring units help to immediately identify manufacturing faults as well as part or tool variations, enabling manufacturers to optimize machine efficiency, improve part quality and limit unplanned downtime and tooling costs," said a company spokesperson.

"The trend toward lightweight construction and increasing part complexity can result in higher deformation levels," said the spokesperson. "Process-integrated monitoring provides an effective way to detect a broad range of quality defects such as cracks in components, strip marks, broken tool elements or turned or mis-introduced parts, which provides 100% workpiece quality control."

How the Brankamp X-Series Works

Depending on the application, sensors are placed either on the machine, in the tooling or in the dies, connecting the press to a Brankamp unit and enabling users to see at a glance if their machines are running, if their Operational Equipment Efficiency is where it needs to be, and what, exactly, is happening at the machine.

Sensors are placed in the right positions to convert energy into electrical signals that monitor tool and machine performances related to the forces applied. From these sensors, the systems learn the normal limits of the process. The control unit then observes the signals of each cycle and compares it with the stored curve. When the signal moves outside of the envelope curve, the formed part is sorted out or the machine is stopped.

Models for Every Level

Each X-series unit allows for the type of machine to be monitored. In addition to the multi-channel display, the systems have various analysis functions, e.g., automatic recording of run and set-up times or downtimes, as well as different counters and storage media to ensure repeatability of the various processes. The X1, with a 7" touchscreen, and the X3, with a 9" touchscreen, provide economical solutions for this type of monitoring, providing eight channels for sensor signals and four others as zoom channels for detailed monitoring of specific, sensitive process areas.

The X5 units feature a large 12" touchscreen as well as Tool Memory that stores data that can be used to quickly achieve precise machine set-up for repeated production runs with six zoom channels. The X7 has more advanced adaptive control functions and is operated via a 15" touchscreen with up to 24 channels.

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