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Four-Axis Robots

Stäubli offers its TS2 4-axis robots that feature a compact design as well as hollow shaft, proprietary JCS drive technology that allows all the cables to be routed internally to create a hygienic design for use in sensitive environments. The TS2 facilitates ultra-short cycle times and high repeatability, and offers a smart connected tool that allows the option of either automatic or manual connection and disconnections of various tools, managed by Stäubli's CS9 controller. It is piloted by the generic CS9 controller that also controls TX2 6-axis robots.

The line consists of four models-the TS2-40, TS2-60, TS2-80 and TS2-100-for a wide range of manufacturing scenarios. With the 4-axis TS2-100, Stäubli has extended the working radius of the TS series (400 mm to 800 mm) up to 1,000 mm.

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