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Universal Robots Opens 50+ Training Centers

Universal Robots (UR) has opened over 50 training centers around the world to teach its intuitive programming interface to robot users.

Since developing the first commercially viable collaborative robot (cobot) in 2008, UR has offered a free online training course that gives manufacturers with even zero automation experience the ability to program cobots for critical manufacturing tasks. These simulations teach front line workers to configure UR cobots for applications like machine tending, pick & placing, packaging, etc. The greatest educational strides, however, have come from the rapid development of in-class programming at training centers located around the world.

Mikkel Vahl, head of service training and education at UR, described the classroom advantage: "The focus on the in-class programs is how we help customers implement their robots and get started. All programs are developed with hands-on, real life applications and the learner in focus." Training modules in classrooms begin with the same basics as the online UR Academy, but quickly progress to meet the complex needs of any manufacturer. Optimizing advanced applications, communicating with other industrial machines, even writing scripts, all place operators of UR robots in the role of robot programmers.

"These strengths in the Universal Robots Academy encapsulate one of collaborative automation's advantages over traditional robots," said a company spokesperson. "Easy to program and quick to deploy and redeploy in countless applications, UR allows line workers, machinists, welders, and shop floor workers to become the robot experts. All this effort to train workers with sometimes limited technical backgrounds across the world has led UR to develop an award-winning education platform. Since completing its goal in April 2019 to grow its in-class learning opportunities to over 50 global training facilities, UR has won four awards from Learning Technologies, the world's largest global education and company learning event. UR has been distinguished in areas such as Use of Blended Technologies, Use of Technologies Projects, Use of Virtual Environments for Learning and Design of Learning Content."

Vahl and the education team at UR have already certified thousands of people to be cobot programming specialists, and for him, getting robots up and running in the hands of manufacturers is what drives the success of the training facilities. "We make the learning relevant," he said of the ever-growing number of training modules and application lessons, each of which allows workers "to fully unleash the potential of the robot."

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