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Optical Sensors for Inline Inspection

FocalSpec's new Line Confocal Sensors offer a combination of imaging capability, precision and speed. "For the first time ever, consumer electronics manufacturers can capture not just 3D topography and 2D intensity data, but also 3D tomography with a speed of up to 27,000,000 data points per second," said a company spokesperson.

The two new Line Confocal Sensors, the LCI1220 and LCI1620, like all FocalSpec LCI sensors, can be used to inspect any surface types, including curved, transparent and multilayered materials. All this now happens with a speed of up to 16,000 profiles per second and Z-repeatability of 0.19-0.25 microns.

Features and benefits include:

  • Simultaneous 3D topographic, 3D tomographic and 2D intensity imaging with high resolution
  • Maximum measurement speed: 16,000 profiles/sec x 1,728 data points/profile equals 27,648,000 data points/sec
  • High precision: submicron Z-repeatability
  • Ultra-fast data transmission: 10 Gbit/s ethernet
  • Works with any material: transparent materials, glossy, and matt surfaces.

"System integrators can integrate sensors into new machine vision systems or existing manufacturing lines in order to build advanced applications," said the spokesperson. Current applications include surface profiling and tomographic imaging of smartphones with 3D curved glass, surface roughness measurement of any material including transparent or shiny surfaces, and the inspection of transparent glues and inks in the printed and flexible electronics industry, to name a few.

"The new FocalSpec LCI sensors allow our customers to optimize their production capacity and quality with faster throughput and higher yield. The sensors provide greater flexibility, higher speed and more precise inline 3D and 2D measurement, as well as imaging of a wide range of challenging surfaces, materials and shapes," said Harri Leinonen, CEO of FocalSpec.

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