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Analytics Solution Purpose-Built

ETQ, a provider of quality management solutions, has announced ETQ Insights, an analytics solution purpose-built to serve the needs of quality professionals working with all forms of quality data. ETQ has purchased the foundational technology for ETQ Insights from Acumen Analytics, a specialized embedded analytics software firm with whom ETQ has worked closely in the past.

ETQ Insights is an analytics solution for quality management that includes the ETQ Insights Engine as well as a quality data lake, a synchronization data layer and configurable quality operational dashboards. This analytics solution gives quality practitioners a comprehensive view into quality data and how it can be used to create actionable insights.

With ETQ Insights, quality professionals have access to analytics dashboards focused on quality management that allow them to unlock operational insights, identify trends and drive continuous improvement. Though ETQ Insights' ready-to-use dashboards are based on common customer needs, they can also be configured to the business requirements of the customer's quality operation. In addition to broad, trend-based information, ETQ Insights also features drill-through capabilities to examine the details directly in ETQ Reliance.

"There is no shortage of data available to quality practitioners today. It pours in from across the manufacturing ecosystem from enterprise software to smart sensors on assembly lines to connected workers in the field and ever-more complex supply chains," said Rob Gremley, CEO, ETQ. "Although you can bring this data into ETQ Reliance today, the challenge-which ETQ and this compelling technology from Acumen have now met-is to make that data easily accessible in a form that allows quality leaders to consume and analyze the information quickly so that actionable insights can be put to work right away. By seamlessly integrating ETQ Insights with ETQ Reliance, quality professionals have dedicated analytics capabilities to help drive informed decision-making and continuous improvement."

ETQ has acquired foundational technology as well as the product formerly marketed as Optimal Insights from Acumen Analytics, a longtime partner of ETQ's.

"The combination of our Optimal Insights product with the powerful and flexible ETQ Reliance solution will result in an unprecedented level of insight for customers into the quality data," said Kathleen Brunner, Founder and CEO, Acumen Analytics. "Having worked with a number of ETQ customers over the last few years I am excited to see what ETQ's customers will do with this new level of analytical capability."

ETQ Insights is the first step in a quality analytics approach that can ultimately provide a comprehensive view of quality management data-structured and unstructured-to identify and exploit key insights, details and trends and put that information to work in near-real-time.

ETQ Insights key features include:

  • Quality Operational Dashboards: Analytics dashboards are built on quality management industry best practices. Some of the many dashboards available to ETQ Insights users are Corrective Action Trends, Supplier Corrective Action Analysis, Employee Training Completion Analysis, Corrective Action Root Causes, Corrective Actions by Location, Injury Analysis, Regulatory Submissions Benchmark and Analysis and Non-Conforming Trend Analysis.
  • Quality Data Lake: ETQ Insights creates a dedicated data lake in which quality data from ETQ Reliance-structured and unstructured-resides. This federated pool of information draws from a range of sources, including standard and configured fields in ETQ Reliance, as well as data from other enterprise systems. This pool is the source from which ETQ Insights draws data for analysis.
  • ETQ Insights Engine: The ETQ Insights Engine (EIE) leverages leading analytics technologies to optimize performance while providing best-in-class analytics, visualizations and dashboards.
  • Synchronization Data Layer: The Synchronization Data Layer (SDL) pulls information from the QMS, transforms it into workable data and deposits that data into the Quality Data Lake for analysis with no performance degradation to the QMS.

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