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Lift Table Stocking Program

Southworth Products Corp offers a program to maximize the availability of a large number of lift tables and vertical lifting and positioning equipment for fast delivery.

SwiftLift puts LS Series hydraulic lift tables and other products like PalletPal pallet positioners and E-Z Reach container tilters into three categories of availability-Stock, Modified and Modified+-with maximum shipping lead times of one, two or three weeks, respectively.

Offerings in the Stock Product category include over 65 lift table, level loader and container tilter models for shipment in one week or less.

Modified Products include all the items in the stock category, plus the ability to modify lift tables to include any platform size up to 72" x 96" in one-inch increments, as well as several options. Lift configurations in the Modified category number well over a thousand and ship in two weeks or less.

Modified Plus Products include an even greater number of available options and offer the opportunity for users to specify some light customization of lifts. Modified Plus Products ship in three weeks or less.

For more information contact:

Southworth Products Corp.

P.O. Box 1380

Portland, ME 04104-1380


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