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December 2019

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Corrosion Resistance Database

St. Paul Foundry offers an online corrosion resistance database for copper-based castings. The database is designed to allow casting designers to quickly find and compare over 3,500 combinations of alloys and corrosive chemicals. The tool is available at

St. Paul Foundry is a 150-year-old manufacturer of brass, bronze and aluminum cast components. According to James Hartigan, Engineering Manager for St. Paul Foundry, "Many casting designers know that brass and bronze are good choices for highly corrosive applications, but they may not know which alloy is the best choice and which to avoid. This tool will allow them to quickly evaluate the available choices. Once they have selected an alloy, they can use the alloy property comparator on the same web page to see the physical properties of the alloy. It is a quick, easy way to streamline the alloy selection workflow."

"For example," Hartigan continued, "let us say an engineer is designing a casting for the petroleum industry that will be exposed to sulfuric acid at less than 78% concentration, will be subject to an abrasive slurry, and requires extremely high fatigue strength. The engineer can use the tool to find aluminum bronze is an excellent choice for corrosion and wear resistance. Comparing properties, he or she will see that C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze (NAB) is the best choice."

St. Paul foundry is certified to AS9100D(2016) and ISO 9001:2015. The foundry supplies aerospace quality castings and manages the value-add supply chain for the following OEM markets: aerospace, naval, oil and gas, pumping, pressure equipment (PED), refrigeration, electric generation, compressed air, valves and over 100 more.

For more information contact:

St. Paul Foundry

954 Minnehaha Avenue West

St. Paul, MN 55104

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