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New Press Technology for Italian Automotive Supplier

Lasim S.p.A.(Lecce, Italy), which has transfer systems with press forces of 800, 1,600 and 2,000 tons that form up to 324,000 small- and medium-sized parts per day, has ordered its first press from Schuler: a 2,000-ton machine with TwinServo Technology.

"We chose Schuler because of the technology and quality of the press," said Lasim Managing Director Giampiero Fedele. "In the run-up, we analyzed the output and performance of the system in detail. Schuler offered clear advantages over the competition here, and also provided short delivery and commissioning time."

Schuler's TwinServo systems feature two separate and electronically synchronized torque motors in the press bed. "As a result, the machines build significantly lower, springback is reduced by 30% and sound insulation and energy efficiency are improved," said a Schuler spokesperson. The two decentralized drives are arranged in such a way that the drawing cushions and scrap shafts have sufficient space.

The press for Lasim features a die clamping area of 6.25 m by 2.50 m and is automated with a transfer that-due to its active vibration damping-provides safe transportation of parts. These include mounts for the fender, airbag or dashboard as well as cross struts and beams, which are partially welded at 18 interconnected robot stations.

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