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Universal CNC Control

Building on its 527F retrofit CNC, Calmotion has released its 527M control that expands types of milling machines that can be upgraded. The 527M universal CNC uses an embedded platform and multi-processor core with a parallel processing architecture. "This ensures ultra-fast control loop updates and eliminates the burden of an operating system," said a company spokesperson.

Each axis of the 527M is controlled independently with a high-speed Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and communicates with the master host controller via a high-speed industrial bus. Dedicated processing of each axis offloads the main CPU from computational and control tasks. This allows the main CPU to execute programs with greater look-ahead capability, resulting in better accuracies at high feedrates.

The operator pendant uses a variety of quick keys to improve operator efficiency during job set-up, program editing and memory management. Display, function, editor and set-up keys are organized for easy identification and intuitive use. Custom keys and functionality are available upon request.

The 527M features a flexible memory system for CNC file management. The 527M allows up to 16 GB of user program space. Ethernet connection and USB memory interface are included with the control. Connection to a central server allows the operator to access NC files remotely on a network from the CNC without requiring any special network hardware.

An open protocol MODBUS PLC interface is used by the control for connection to machine peripherals such as tool changers, flood coolant pumps, custom HMI and pallet changers. The MODBUS connection can also be used by data collection software in order to gather manufacturing data from the machine. Data collection allows visualize performance of the machine to improve response times and understand the performance and efficiencies of machine use. Potential areas of improvement can be identified for better utilization of resources using real-time and historic reports.

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