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Control Features Speed Up Programming

The 9000 Series control from Milltronics is designed with 120 GB disk storage, 4 GB memory, improved graphic performance, mid-travel tactile keys and a 15" LCD touchscreen. It offers all the straightforward Milltronics features such as the G-code assist visibility in Conversational mode, and has some new features to speed set-up and programming.

According to Milltronics, the 9000 CNC includes features that allow quick and confident operation of the CNC, including:

  • Solid model graphics allow the operator to see a completed part prior to cutting.
  • Mid-program restart allows the operator to start anywhere in a program by verifying the graphics and then switching to Run Mode.
  • Handwheel run allows the operator to run a program in a controlled mode where motion only occurs while the handwheel is turning.
  • The 9000 Series Controller includes a dual-core processor and high-speed motion control that is capable of executing 3,000 blocks per second.
  • The 9000 CNC is equipped with a 120 GB solid state drive, 4 GB RAM memory, USB ports and Ethernet connectivity.

The 9000 CNC allows operators to use G-Code Assist to run parts programmed conversationally or toolpaths generated by a CAM system.

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