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Economical Automated Welding

To help manufacturers adopt new robotic welding capabilities economically, Acieta offers FastARC standard weld cells pre-engineered with integrated utilities and a one-piece platform for fast delivery and start-up.

"Labor and capacity are both major concerns for manufacturers of all sizes right now. Automated welding is a great way to address those, but finding the time and budget for complex, robotic solutions has been a real challenge," said Pete Rogers, Vice President of Operations, Acieta. "The FastARC standard cells eliminate these barriers, so nearly any company can get started with automation and see a return on investment in less than two years."

Acieta has been designing and building custom robotic automation systems for more than 35 years. "The standard cells incorporate Acieta's premium quality hardware and software in a ready-to-use package to meet the industry's most common robotic welding needs," said a company spokesperson.

Four FastARC standard cells are available with attachments and upgrade options. FastARC cells come standard with Lincoln Electric or Miller weld equipment. Other options are available.

The single zone cell offers a large work zone and automated steel pop-up door for flash protection and operator safety. The dual zone cells allow for load/unload while the robot is welding, as well as the ability to produce different parts simultaneously. The dual zone fixed table cell includes two work zones and automated steel pop-up doors for flash protection and operator safety. "The dual zone turn table cell features a servo driven turntable with steel divider guard for fast, accurate and safe rotation between cycles," said the spokesperson.

Acieta is a FANUC authorized system integrator and member of the RIA certified integrator group.

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