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Versatile Fixturing Line-Up

Mitee-Bite Products offers three new products: the X-Plate System, the Power Bar and Heavy-Duty T-Slot Clamp. "These clamps are designed to save time, material costs and easily solve many workholding needs," said a company spokesperson.

The X-Plate System is a versatile modular fixturing platform for 3-, 4- and 5-axis applications, providing many mounting options including a precision quick-change system when clamped in a vise or T-slot table. It includes a provision on the bottom for the Mitee-Bite diamond/taper locating pins to precisely mount to sub-plate, plus the primary function as a multi-functional face plate for indexers and 5-axis machining centers. The X-Plate System is designed to save time, material cost and provide more options when determining the best method for the next job.

"The Power Bar is a modular platform designed to elevate your capabilities with some of the strongest clamps in today's market," said the spokesperson. "Utilizing any of the DK model OK-Vise Wedge Clamps or the largest Mitee-Bite Pitbull Clamps, you have the options to elevate your workpiece for mill/drill through operations or forcing your parts onto the machine table." They are precisely ground to the same height as the Mitee-Bite In-line Clamps and Stops, Multi-Fixture Clamps and Stops and Modular Pitbull for added versatility, are suitable for running in series for large aerospace and automotive application and designed to be used opposing each other for the most demanding operations.

The Heavy Duty T-Slot Clamps are capable of generating over 20,000 lbs. of pressure. "This design utilizes some of the strongest, lowest-profile clamps in the industry - the Pitbull and OK-Vise Clamps," added the spokesperson.

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