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Vises Designed for Variety of Options Using Sine Keys

(l-r) Sine Keys; Sine Keys positioned for T-Slot table mounting; Sine Keys positioned for grid plate mounting

"Mounting newer Kurt vise models is easier, faster and more precise," said a company spokesperson. "Through the use of Sine Keys, vise alignment and lockdown is simplified. Kurt Sine Keys are positioning devices that insert and lock quickly and accurately into pre-drilled dowel holes in the base of every newer model Kurt vise." They provide for fast mounting of vises onto t-slots, machine tables, grid plates with pre-machines hole patterns, sub-plates, fixture plates and tombstones.

"Kurt Sine Keys are an improvement over traditional bolt-on keys used to locate vises on mills and machine T-slot beds," added the spokesperson. "Bolt-on keys require mounting and unmounting using a hex wrench and SHCS screws, which are tedious and slow."

Using Kurt Sine Keys, no screws or wrenches are needed. They insert smoothly into pre-drilled dowel holes in the base of the vise, and the Sine Key O-ring locks them into position. For unmounting, they release just as quickly.

The pre-drilled dowel hole pattern in the Kurt vises also eliminates the need for a machinist to drill their own hole patterns for mounting purposes-risking potential damage to the vise and voiding a warranty.

Kurt vise models incorporating the Kurt Sine Key Dowel hole feature include: DX4 and 6 series; 3400, 3600 and 3800 series; HD690 series; XL6 series; HDL 4 and 6 series; and HDM6 vise series.

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