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New Model Carriage Welder

Koike Aronson has released its improved carriage welder, the Wel-Handy Next. "The new model is an evolutionary update of the Wel-Handy series, which was originally introduced in the 1980's and has had continual improvements and expanded capabilities throughout its lifetime," said a company spokesperson. "The Wel-Handy Multi Next features innovations that make it even more flexible."

The newly designed die cast aluminum case helps dissipate heat and ensure years of continual use, while a light-action lever makes it easy to disengage the magnet from the workpiece, providing operators ease of use when relocating the unit. In addition, this new case design relocated the limit switches to allow flexible guide roller positioning. This allows the guides to be positioned in the front or rear of the machine, providing an effective solution for butt-welding on thick plate.

The Wel-Handy Next redesigned digital display system enables the weld engineer to set and save a wide range of parameters that can be repeated endlessly by other operators. The Wel-Handy Next offers repeatability and consistency over a range of obstacles, saving valuable set-up time for even the most complicated applications.

"Quality manufacturers in industries such as shipbuilding and mining have come to rely on the Wel-Handy's consistent, high quality welds," said Shane McMahon, Portables Product Manager at Koike Aronson. "The new Wel-Handy Next introduces more features that help reduce worker fatigue and improve the speed and accuracy of the weld process."

Wel-Handy Next standard features:

  • Multi-function control knob: Enables operator to select all operating parameters on a single dial
  • Encoder drive system: Ensures stable motion regardless of heat, obstacles or power fluctuations
  • Flexible guide wheels: Multi position, multi angle guide wheels are made to run in front of or behind the machine
  • Limit switch: simultaneously shuts machine and welder off at the end of each weld.

Wel-handy Next options include:

  • Corner kit: Designed for corner welding, it enables the machine to weld out of position or extend the welding gun into tight spaces, providing solutions to difficult applications.
  • Twin torch module: Permits welding on two sides of a metal plate simultaneously.
  • WU-5R weaving unit: Compact weaving system that interfaces directly with the Wel-Handy Next. Commonly used for welding butt joints or in vertical applications.

"We have made it very easy to learn the features of the Wel-Handy Next so that welders can get up and running with it as soon as possible," said Ron Krasnek, Manager of Global Sales and Marketing. "You can set speed presets and monitor your settings on the digital display and at the same time use the intuitive analog controls. It is the best of both worlds, because it is sophisticated and versatile, but most importantly easy to use."

For more information contact:

Koike Aronson, Inc./Ransome

P.O. Box 307

635 W. Main St.

Arcade, NY 14009

800-252-5232 / 585-492-2400

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