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Sealed Chuck Series

SMW Autoblok offers its BP Series Chuck. "As the only sealed chuck of its kind on the market with a large through hole, the BP Series combines the flexibility of a standard open center power chuck with the long life and precision of our Proofline sealed chucks, making it suitable for bar and bar stock clamping as well as shaft clamping," said a company spokesperson.

Available in three sizes, the BP is completely sealed from outside contaminants. "This allows it to maintain a constant grip force for enhanced repeatability and consistency as well as safer operation, whereas non-sealed chucks can lose more than 50% of the grip force if not maintained properly," said the spokesperson.

The BP Series is Proofline sealed for minimal maintenance intervention. The permanent grease lubrication is engineered to provide consistency of clamping force and reduces wear on the chuck, resulting in longer maintenance intervals and reduced downtime. These chucks can also hold up in the harsh environments of dry machining, abrasive powders, high pressure or corrosive coolants and more.

The BP-D utilizes master jaws with inch serration while the BP-M operates with metric serration (suitable for Japanese jaws). The American standard, tongue and groove master jaws are available on the BP-C.

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