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Novarc Technologies and ABICOR BINZEL Announce Global Partnership

Novarc Technologies, a Canadian-based robotics company specializing in the design and commercialization of collaborative robots for industrial applications, has entered an exclusive global partnership with ABICOR BINZEL, a manufacturer of manual welding equipment and robotics welding torches and accessories for medium and high automation production.

As part of this exclusive partnership, Novarc is partnering with ABICOR BINZEL to market its Spool Welding Robot (SWR) equipped with ABICOR BINZEL's welding torches and seam tracking sensors on a global level. Through this partnership, Novarc will have access to ABICOR BINZEL's global sales and marketing network, consisting of 35 subsidiaries, and will have the benefit of the company's service network to install, train and provide local support required for the SWR.

"This partnership is very exciting for Novarc as we are expanding our relationship with ABICOR BINZEL to introduce the SWR to new markets outside North America. For the first time, customers from around the world can visit demo centers to see the SWR in action. ABICOR BINZEL is an established brand known for bringing innovative high-quality welding products to the market, and we felt they were a natural fit for our technology. In addition, this collaboration is a huge advantage for our customers as they can get local service and support for their SWR units from the extensive support network ABICOR BINZEL has in place globally. We look forward to working very closely with the ABICOR BINZEL team to ensure the SWR continues to be a differentiator for every customer," said Soroush Karimzadeh, CEO of Novarc Technologies.

"Novarc's SWR pipe welding system is a perfect fit with our range of product offerings of robotic welding torches, seam tracking sensors and associated peripherals. SWR is changing the way the industry will fabricate pipes. The opportunity to be able to offer Novarc's SWR as part of our suite of products to our customers on a global level is very exciting. The complete package will allow us to better serve our customers within the market segments like energy and shipyards. It perfectly falls in line with our strategy and goals to offer our customers state-of-art technology and cost saving solutions," said Jens Schleicher, MD, ABICOR BINZEL.

"Novarc's SWR is the world's first collaborative welding robot - a semi-automated robotic solution designed for pipe welding, small pressure vessel manufacturing and other 1G welding applications," said a Novarc spokesperson. The collaborative robot utilizes a 3-axis robotic arm at the end of a long reach manipulator, which increases the dexterity and flexibility of the human operator, improving productivity on the shop floor and reducing costs for the pipe shop. The company is embracing Industry 4.0 with the upcoming software release for NovEye, which integrates artificial intelligence and machine vision. NovEye is a weld monitoring system with a camera built into the SWR robotic arm that processes each weld image and reduces the number of inputs required from operators allowing them to perform more welds in less time, while still producing better quality welds.

Novarc's collaborative SWR is currently in operation in the U.S. and Canada, and is expanding throughout North America, the Middle East, Europe and China.

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