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Fully Automated 3-Axis Video Measurement System

Suitable for measuring large components or multiple small components, LVC400 by Vision Engineering offers faster measurement and high accuracy levels.

"Offering a larger (400 mm x 300 mm) stage than comparably priced products, LVC400 offers large measuring capacity and fully automated movement in all three axes, making component measurement faster," said a company spokesperson. Non-stop measurement routines are possible through programs which can have magnification changes built in.

Additionally, multiple components can be loaded onto the stage and measured easily and automatically in a single program. The system is pre-programmable or can be driven using the supplied joystick for rapid, one-off measurements.

"LVC400 features a high resolution 5MP USB3 camera, granite base for extra stability and a precision X-Y stage, making it the most accurate large format measuring system from Vision Engineering to date," said the spokesperson. LVC400 also supports the use of a touch probe in all three axes for measuring complex features and other 3D forms.

LVC400 is supplied with the intuitive M3 software package, offering comprehensive measurement functions. M3 software includes full reporting and data export, DXF overlays and fitting and thread measurement.

"Vision Engineering anticipates that LVC400 will be used when customers require the measurement of large components, in applications such as precision machining, casting, plastic moldings, electronics and PCB inspection," said the spokesperson. Additionally, LVC400 is suitable when customer requires measurement automation, including palletizing of smaller components, faster automated measurement of large components and automated measurement of components that require change of magnification.

Richard Nagel, Vision Engineering's VP Sales and Marketing, said, "We are excited to extend our metrology range by offering our first fully automated video measurement system with motorized zoom. The LVC400 offers many sought after features and benefits customers need when looking for a fully automated video measurement system. The LVC400's large stage, accuracy, ease of use, combined with a competitive price point makes this a welcomed addition to our metrology range."

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