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Fully Machined Steel Adapters for Independent Chucks

Global Tooling Solutions, LLC has introduced Gator Fully Finished Adapters for 4-Jaw Independent chucks. These steel, precision adapters are available in A1/A2, D1 and L type spindle mounts for chuck diameters 10" to 25".

"Typically, plain back independent chucks would be matched with a semi-machined adapter that would require the operator to turn down the face of the adapter to match the recess in the back of the chuck, and to drill and thread the mounting bolt holes," said a company spokesperson.

These fully finished adapters are designed to work with Gator, and some other chuck brands, and require no additional machining. "In larger shops with machines that have a variety of different spindles, our fully finished adapters allow the operator to use the same chuck on different machines by simply switching out the adapter," said the spokesperson.

All standard adapters are available from stock in Global Tooling Solutions' Massachusetts warehouse, and custom adapters are available upon request.

For more information contact:

Global Tooling Solutions LLC

P.O. Box 701

Walpole, MA 02081


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