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Line of Air Collet Closers

The Dunham Tool Company's full line of Dunham Air Collet Closers (DACC) are designed to help manufacturers increase production while simultaneously reducing operator fatigue. The adaptable DACC works with 5C, 16C, 2J or 3J collets; expanding collets; or step chucks to activate and release collets, a must when tasked with repetitive production type machining.

Dunham's closer units utilize a double acting, non-rotating air cylinder which is easily mounted to the rear of a lathe spindle or other applicable machines, to open and close the collet. "By incorporating air in both directions to activate and release the collet, the DACC virtually eliminates any potential for collet sticking," said a company spokesperson.

The Dunham Air Collet Closer can be activated and de-activated upwards of 30 times per minute by use of either a 4-way hand or foot valve, which comes complete with air regulator, gauge, air lines and fittings. By using standard shop air service, the DACC allows operators the ability to easily control the workholding air pressure to the desired level depending on the project. The adjustability of the Dunham air closer makes it easy to adjust for a wide variety of thin wall, fragile or high surface finish applications.

With its universal mounting design, Dunham precision 5C collet closers and actuators fit a range of applications including lathes, CNC rotary tables and grinders and are also frequently used on the Dunham Tool family of 50M Spindle Headstocks. The DACC is offered as an option by many machine builders and retro-fitters, but can also be easily installed by machinist and maintenance techs to their standard tool room type lathes. "Adding a Dunham closer to an existing lathe can save thousands of dollars by turning an ordinary precision lathe into a production and revenue generating machine," said the spokesperson.

In addition to the standard 5C DACC (3,600 RPM max), Dunham also offers an "Oil Mist Cooled" version that allows for constant operation up to 4,500 RPM or 6,000 RPM intermittent. This unit includes a special hard coat finish to the standard wear surfaces to further enhance its durability and extend the life of the closer. The Dunham Oil Mist closer is available for 5C, 16C and 3J applications.

For critical applications requiring additional gripping power, Dunham offers the DACC27X collet closer featuring a powerful 2,700 lbs. of pull force strength at 100 PSI.

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