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Ultra-High Accuracy Microscope

"KEYENCE Corporation of America, a supplier of microscopes, surface measurement systems and factory automation equipment, has released the first 4K ultra-high accuracy microscope," said a company spokesperson. The VHX-7000 marks the 5th generation of KEYENCE's digital microscope product line.

"By incorporating 4K resolution, the VHX-7000 has become KEYENCE's greatest microscope hardware advancement to date," said the spokesperson. This versatile system incorporates the capabilities of multiple microscopes: stereoscope, metallurgical, measuring and entry level SEM.

The VHX-7000, capable of high definition imaging, is a fully automatic XYZ system. Even magnification can be controlled due to its motorized turret. "The VHX-7000 has a 20x larger depth-of-field compared to conventional optical microscopes," said the spokesperson.

"Our mission is to continuously add value to our products for our customers. The VHX-7000 marks the 5th generation of our product line and is the greatest hardware advancement to date," said Kevin Wilhelm, KEYENCE Corp Technical Engineer. "With the VHX-7000, your images will be displayed in 4K Ultra HD, providing you with most accurate images you have ever seen."

In addition to features like adaptive lighting and focusing, large depth-of-field and multi-angle observation from the previous generation, the VHX-7000 adds in-demand features such as high NA lenses (up to 0.9) and automated inspection.

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KEYENCE Corporation of America

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888-KEYENCE (539-3623)

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