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Complex Parts Production, Multi-Surface Processing in One Set-Up

JTEKT Toyoda Americas Corporation has introduced its newest addition to the 5-axis family, the FH630SX-i 5-Axis horizontal machining center (HMC). "The machine combines best-in-class performance, high torque and simultaneous 5-axis machining - achieving complex part machining and multi-surface processing all within one set-up," said a Toyoda spokesperson.

"From the highly rigid platform to the flexible swivel spindle, our newest 5-axis addition combines the stability and versatility that shop owners look for and need with complex cutting production," said Graham Roeder, National Product Manager at Toyoda. "By taking full advantage of the performance reliability and machining scope of the Toyoda FH630SX-i 5-Axis, shops have the ability to dramatically increase profit opportunities, while keeping costs, time, fixture preparation and waste at a minimum - reducing the risk of improper set-up. Additionally, combining the FH630SX-i 5-axis with 4-axis machines on a shared RGV system allows shops to increase performance - enhancing autonomous production."

"Toyoda built upon its renowned highly rigid spindle design, adopting a tilting swivel motion to enable exceptionally efficient processing of large workpieces," said the spokesperson. For increased flexibility, the machine is capable of travelling 12" past the pallet centerline in the vertical orientation. Whether cutting aluminum or titanium, the FH630SX-i 5-Axis features spindle speed flexibility due to the interchangeable spindle cartridge supporting the special-purpose optional 8,000 RPM, 107 HP high-torque spindle or standard 15,000 RPM, 74 HP high-speed spindle. Both spindles are designed with Toyoda's patented replaceable taper for easy repairs and high maintainability. The tilting spindle also comes with a C-axis drive train and an enlarged C-axis swivel range of 230° for better workpiece access. Furthermore, the base, which supports the spindle, can minimize displacement from external forces that affect processing accuracy; enduring huge cutting forces in addition to the inertial force of feeding acceleration/deceleration.

FH630SX-i 5-Axis HMC specifications:

  • Pallet size: 24.8" x 24.8" (630 mm x 630 mm)
  • Table index: Full NC table (360,000 positions)
  • Axis travel (X, Y, Z): 31.5" (800 mm), 33.46" (850 mm), 41.33" (1,050 mm)
  • Max workpiece swing: 46.06" (1,170 mm)
  • Max workpiece height: 62.99" (1,600 mm)
  • Max work load on the pallet: 3,306 lbs. (1,500 kg)
  • Spindle output torque: 802 ft-lbs. (1,088 Nm)
  • Available Spindle: CAT#50, 107 HP, 8,000 RPM (1,088 Nm); CAT#50, 74 HP, 15,000 RPM (526 Nm)
  • Rapid feedrate (X, Y, Z): 2,362 IPM (60 m/min)
  • Tool Storage Capacity: 60 standard.

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