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Advanced 5-Axis Vertical Machining Centers

Fortune International Inc. has announced that the Vcenter-AX630 has been added to the line of Vcenter-AX 5-axis vertical machining centers (VMC).

Fortune's lineup includes two of the three types of construction available for 5-axis machines:

  • Rotary table type (trunnion type with 2 axes in table): features high spindle acceleration, easy installation for machine builders and good for small parts (<20" in diameter)-Vcenter-AX380 for parts dimensions of 15" D x 8.6" H and Vcenter-AX630 for part dimensions of 28.7" D x 3.9" H + 25" D x 11.4" H
  • Rotary table C-axis + swivel head B-axis: features moving column with fixed table and suitable for medium sized parts (20" - 40" in diameter)-Vcenter-AX800 for the parts dimension of 39.3" D x 19.7" H + 20.4" D x 29.5" H
  • Tilting head type (2-axis in head): features a big and heavy headstock (slow rapid feed and acc/dec) and designed for large parts (>40" in diameter)-double column VMC.

For more information contact:

Fortune International Inc.

56 Veronica Ave.

Somerset, NJ 08873

888-306-9470 / 732-214-0700

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