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Advanced Machine Generation at EMO 2019

"The 3DMP (3D Metal Print) process developed by GEFERTEC has become the new industry standard for additive manufacturing (AM) in recent years," said a company spokesperson. With the support of minority shareholder EMAG, the arc405, which uses this method, is available in a new version.

"With the increased maturity of the arc405, the 3DMP process will benefit from expanding its position in the market and by establishing itself as supplementary manufacturing process to conventional processes even further," said the spokesperson. "The 3DMP process is based on a proven arc welding technology with wire as raw material, thus making it considerably cheaper and faster than powder-based 3D printing."

In addition to the new generation of machines, the new process head ARC QM Head with integrated melt bath control for quality monitoring will be presented at the show. This component allows for the welding process to be monitored, recorded and documented. All process parameters and a video image are available for documentation. By means of this quality control, the stability of the entire manufacturing process can be demonstrated. Furthermore, the new arc405 has a larger build-up space, so the maximum component volume is increased. "Another advantage of the cooperation between GEFERTEC and EMAG Group is their mass production expertise," said the spokesperson. "As a result, GEFERTEC can meet the constantly increasing demand for arc machines while ensuring shorter delivery times."

The pre-installed version of the arc405 is expected to be available in March 2020.

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EMO 2019 - Hall 9, Booth K03

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