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Water-Miscible Metalworking Fluids

"Water-miscible coolants have many advantages over their straight oil counterparts, but they also have some well-known disadvantages such as corrosion (machines and parts), lubricity (tool life), sump life (fungi, bacteria), etc.," said an oelheld spokesperson. "This has been the motivation for our R&D department to develop new products that guarantee that most of these disadvantages are a thing of the past, and resulted in the development of AquaTec 7655 coolant."

The AquaTec 7655 is designed for high-pressure applications or processing non-ferrous metals. "During the development of the AquaTec 7655, special attention was paid to process stability and the reduction of maintenance costs, since this offers an enormous competitive advantage for our customers when working at high capacity. The use of modern raw materials, and therefore the compliance with the latest chemical laws, make the AquaTec 7655 a long-term choice," said the spokesperson.

"AquaTec 7655 is an EP cooling lubricant concentrate containing mineral oil, which is suitable for almost all types of metalworking," said the spokesperson. "Long tool life is achieved by special EP additives. The concentrate was developed to produce the highest surface qualities and is particularly low in foam and odor."

According to the company, AquaTec 7655 produces low emissions, meets the requirements of REACH, has good long-term stability and is free from heavy metals and organochlorine compounds.

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