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Metalworking Fluid Recycling and Management Equipment

Eriez provides comprehensive fluid management technology designed to maximize coolant effectiveness and longevity, enabling companies to improve productivity and reduce disposal costs.

Fluid recycling applications include parts washing, machining, grinding, honing, super finishing and EDM, where fluids from water-based coolants to straight oil lubricants are required.

Eriez solutions include:

  • Automatic proportioner pumps-Eriez mechanical mixers provide consistent concentration under all types of conditions.
  • Oil skimmers-Eriez oil skimmers are easy to install and use an "oil loving belt" to remove tramp oils. Models can be equipped with a timer so the unit runs only when the machine is idle and tramp oils have risen to the surface.
  • Solids removal-Eriez sump cleaners remove the coolant, sludge and chips from the sump, filter the sludge and chips from the coolant and return the filtered coolant to the sump.
  • Coolant recycling-Eriez self-contained coolant recycling systems are capable of recycling any water-miscible fluid. These units help minimize or eliminate disposal and reduce usage of fluid concentrate.

For more information contact:

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