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National Machine Represents EXOTUT's ExoMist HPMC Series

National Machine Products now represents and distributes EXOTUT's ExoMist high performance mist collectors to the North American market.

"The HPMC series of mist collectors provides cleaner productivity," explained Charles Taylor, Product Manager. "Today's machine tool cutting parameters create considerable amounts of mist and aerosol. The ExoMist HPMC units are specifically designed to collect and remove these mist pollutant particles, meeting and exceeding OSHA and NIOSH guidelines and extending filter life."

The ExoMist design is centered around multi-stage, multimedia, proprietary filters. "These filters are arranged in a way that promotes efficient liquid drainage, thus providing extended filter life of greater than one year in most applications," said a company spokesperson. "This filter system supports around the clock machine tool operations using both high spindle speeds and high pressure coolant delivery systems. The eco-friendly design promotes decreased cost of ownership. The balance of unit shape, filtration area and air flow optimize motor energy consumption. Users will also experience 50% less disposal costs as a result of reusable metal frames, allowing for only the filter media needing replacement at extended intervals."

"One of the greatest advantages may be the ease of installation and maintenance on the ExoMist HPMC," said Taylor. "Adaptable installation with four possible locations for the horizontal inlet, or a fifth possibility for a vertical inlet in the bottom of each unit, maximizes the flexibility for machine mounting or placement alongside a machine tool. Maintenance is straightforward with standard pressure gauges for both pre and main filters. No tools are required for the infrequent filter changes, and mess is limited due to a prefilter on a sliding drawer assembly."

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National Machine Products

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