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Boring Technology for Railroad Industry

The DeHoff 3060 is a single-axis boring machine used in the railroad manufacturing supply chain. The machine is custom designed for boring the bottom housing of a rail car hopper bin.

The DeHoff 3060 has a single spindle with a maximum boring capacity of 3" (76.2 mm) and a maximum boring depth of 60" (1,524 mm). To meet the rigorous material removal requirements, the cutting tool is powered by a 40 HP spindle motor with a 4-speed gearbox. A totally custom workpiece loading and fixturing system was designed specifically for the customer's unique part. The machine features Beckhoff CNC controls with G-code programming capability.

"DeHoff machines feature steel box ways and hand-scraped mating components instead of cheaper linear guide ways and milled surfaces. This results in increased vibration damping, extended tool life and improved surface finish," said a company spokesperson.

DeHoff deep hole drilling and boring machines are designed and manufactured by Kays Engineering.

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