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Waste Oil Filtering Media Reduces Maintenance Time

Easier-to-clean filtering media for LNS PhaSep waste oil removal systems.

LNS PhaSep waste oil removal system removes 99% of coolant contaminants.

LNS North America offers a filtering media for use with the Mini and Junior models of its PhaSep waste oil removal system that reduces maintenance time by making filter cleaning faster and easier.

The filtering media is specially designed for waste oil removal and is easily cleaned using common dishwashing soap and water. "Unlike other types of filters on the market, the new media does not require pressure washing or a dedicated cleaning station. It is held in place by a spring-loaded clamp and no tools are needed to remove or reinstall," said a company spokesperson.

The LNS PhaSep waste oil removal system removes 99% of contaminants that develop in the coolant used in CNC machine operations that can cause skin and respiratory problems for machine operators.

In operation, a floating pickup skims the oil and coolant mixture from the top of the machine tool sump. As the liquid slowly flows through the filtering media, waste oil droplets as small as 20 microns separate from the coolant and float to the top of the PhaSep unit, eventually passing over a weir that traps the waste oil. The cleaned coolant is then returned to the machine sump.

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