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CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

Helios Gear Products has announced the Helios Hera 500 CNC gear hobbing machine. This machine, built by YG Tech, is designed to be a versatile vertical gear cutting solution for medium to large parts. David Harroun, Vice President of Helios, said, "The Hera 500 suits job shops, gear box repair shops and gearing for the construction, energy and off-highway industries due to the wide range of part sizes and types that manufacturers can produce on the machine."

The Hera 500 uses advanced technology such as FANUC 0i MF CNC, servo motors, direct-drive work spindle, X-axis linear scale for accurate repeatable control of size, automatic retract of X-axis at power failure and more. The machine offers safety features such as electro-mechanical interlock and a splashguard door. Also, the machine's cast iron base provides enhanced dampening and stability for extreme cutting conditions.

Standard features of the Hera 500 include 6 CNC axes (7 with automation), a 12 module (2.11 DP) pitch rating and rigid construction. It has a radial travel of 360 mm (14.173") from 40 mm (1.574") to 400 mm (17.748") center distance between the work and hob axes to accommodate a wide range of part sizes. The Hera 500 also uses long hobs, up to 260 mm (10.236") long with shifting up to 240 mm (9.448"). The machine has a maximum tailstock position of 820 mm (32.283") and a maximum axial travel of 380 mm (14.960"), so manufacturers can also cut a wide range of part lengths. Thus, this hobbing platform offers a universal solution for gear manufacturers, said the company.

The machine features easy-to-use dialog programming with visual examples that guide and accelerate training. Programming includes cutting one or two gears on a single workpiece using single- or two-cut cycles with radial, axial, climb or conventional hobbing (or any combination). Additionally, crowning (lead modification) and automatic shifting over a damaged hob section are included in the base package.

YG Tech Co., Ltd., has constructed gear cutting machine tools since 1963, and the Hera series since 2004.

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