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Products to Keep Metalworking Fluids Clean

"At Keller Products, we specialize in keeping the coolant as clean as possible for as long as possible in the machine sump. This approach guarantees the greatest return on your coolant investment. Customers realize better tool life, less downtime, reduced coolant waste and a cleaner shop environment," said a company spokesperson.

"One advantage Keller Products has, versus other companies in this field, is that this focus is our core business," continued the spokesperson. "Many of the other companies we encounter in our market are focused elsewhere. At Keller, we have found a single system approach rarely satisfies the customer requirements effectively. That is why we have developed multiple products for virtually every application. This allows Keller to supply a specific system that closely matches the requirements of the machine shop. That means solving the problem without paying for options that are not required. This ability maximizes the return on investment for the customer."

To remove tramp oil, Keller offers four different belt skimmer packages. In addition, six different coalescing systems are available that can be dedicated to the machine tool. Keller also offers four unique portable models for removing tramp oil. All of the pumping systems utilize a patented oil separation package and rugged air driven pumps.

Separating solids from the coolant can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Keller produces both dedicated and portable pump/filter systems for removing floating fines and settled chips from the machine sump. Keller also offers inline filters employing proprietary washable elements. The Keller bag filter line includes multiple size options, and housings can be supplied in aluminum, carbon steel or stainless steel. In addition, Keller offers three distinct magnetic filter lines for customers dealing with solids issues when machining ferrous materials.

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