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Large Aperture Laser Power/Energy Sensor for Pulsed Lasers

MKS Instruments, Inc. offers the Ophir L2000W-PF-120 Laser Power/Energy Sensor, a water-cooled sensor for measuring large pulsed lasers.

The thermal sensor measures powers from 1W to 2,000W and energies from 6J to 6,000J over the spectral range of 0.3µm to 2.2µm. The L2000W-PF-120 features a large 120 mm aperture to accommodate high energy densities and short pulses. A fast, 7 sec. response time balances the need to measure fast drifts and instabilities with the ability to handle high energy levels.

The L2000-PF-120 laser sensor is designed for use with large diameter pulsed ns or ps lasers. Such short pulses can induce optical damage. To address this, the sensor features a PF type volume absorber that is able to withstand higher average energies and energy densities, up to 3J/sq. cm.

"The growing demand for increased precision and faster, more efficient processing has spurred growth in high power lasers in a variety of applications, including additive manufacturing and laser welding," said Reuven Silverman, General Manager for the Ophir brand. "The L2000W-PF-120 is designed for such high power lasers and demonstrates Ophir's continued dedication to additive, automotive and high power applications."

The L2000-PF-120 includes a Smart Connector interface that operates with the company's Centauri, StarBright, Vega, Nova II and StarLite smart displays, and Juno andJuno+ compact USB PC interfaces. Users can choose between a number of data display formats, including Digital with Bargraph, Line Plot, Pulse Chart and Real Time Statistics. The displays also feature sophisticated logging of power and energy, statistics, histograms and more, as well as advanced math functions. The display is automatically configured and calibrated when plugged into one of the company's laser measurement heads.

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