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Safety Laser Scanner Makes Safety Visual

Keyence Corp. of America has announced the new SZ-V Series of laser scanners with a protection range of 8.4 m (27.56').

The laser scanner comes with a camera directly integrated into the unit. The camera simplifies installation and can capture images and video when an object or person enters the protected area. The SZ-V has a detachable display that provides real-time feedback, protection zone information and access to historical data, all without interrupting the scanners operation.

Additional features include a system memory plug, network compatibility such as EtherNet/IP and the ability to receive encoder inputs. Series connecting up to three units together is also possible with the SZ-V, reducing the necessary wiring.

Enhancements to both the laser and how the signal is processed allow the unit to differentiate between people/objects and dust or mist. "The SZ-V features the beam pitch at 0.1°, allowing for 4X the number of beams over the same area as a conventional scanner," said a company spokesperson.

For more information contact:

Keyence Corporation of America

1100 North Arlington Heights Rd.

Suite 210

Itasca, IL 60143

888-KEYENCE (539-3623)

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