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Ball Rails for High-Speed Running Capacity

Nook Industries, an innovator of linear motion components and systems, launched a new miniature linear ball rail suitable for high-speed, belt-driven mechanisms and carrier designs as well as automation linkage between stations. Offered in three accuracy grades, Precision (P), High (H) and Normal (N), they have maintenance and lubrication advantages.

The three classes allow customers to choose tolerances of dimension height and width, as well as variation for height and width of a different runner block on the same position of a rail. All classes use stainless steel processed materials and feature two rows of recirculating balls in a Nook-specific gothic profile. This provides for a 45° contact angle with greater surface contact at the same rail width, which achieves increased equal load capacity in all directions.

"Maintenance is made easier through the use of several specially designed Nook features. Low-friction end seals effectively restrict dust while stainless steel end caps act as scrapers," said Ron Giovannone, Director of Application Engineering and Business Operations at Nook Industries. "Most importantly, a unique ball recirculation design, with hole and channel constructs fully sealed by a plastic frame and end caps, reduces contact surface between steel ball and metal. This reduces noise and adds to lubrication efficiency, reducing preventative maintenance."

Lubrication is also aided through the use of an efficiently designed system for circulating and storing oil. Injection holes on either end of the runner block deliver oil to the stainless steel balls that also lubricate the raceway, achieving long-term, maintenance-free linear motion. A newly invented embedded lubrication pad also provides a selection of options for machine design.

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