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Digital Factory Software

Highly individualized products require unique variables, low production batches and the need for flexible automation systems. To meet this need, CENIT now offers Digital Factory software - FASTSUITE Edition 2.

Digital Factory methods, including virtual process planning, offline programming, simulation and optimization, will become mandatory to enable new technologies and to increase production efficiency. "FASTSUITE Edition 2 is a stand-alone simulation platform that supports production with an offering of best-in-class software technology," said a company spokesperson. The software addresses the entire digital manufacturing process - from engineering to the virtual start of production. With this program, users can create, program and operate robots, machines and production systems for specific technologies based on accurate, high performance simulations.

All of the technologies and functions interact seamlessly and complement each other in a single, innovative user interface with a standardized data model, ensuring an efficient workflow with full process control while preventing data redundancy or the loss of information. The scope of functions includes process-driven technology and control packages to provide offline programming even for sophisticated applications and technologies. With these basic features, users can get started quickly. CAD data is imported using standard interfaces like STEP or JT, or via direct interfaces to NX, CATIA, SolidWorks, etc.

"This means simple usability, high flexibility for any data format and adaptability to specific technologies," said a company spokesperson. The modularity of FASTSUITE Edition 2 allows the user to expand and customize functions as project requirements change.

FASTSUITE Edition 2 focuses on the entire range of process steps that are positioned between classical product design and the real production. Due to its functional modularity, it is a solution for both small companies with just the need to program a single robot and for big companies that eventually want to support the entire digital factory. The scalability of FASTSUITE enables companies to start small and extend the solution with growing project requirements.

"Our ambition is to assist systems integrators and manufacturers with automation tasks, from planning to ongoing operation for all the production technologies," said Helmut Ziewers, Vice President Digital Factory Solutions, CENIT North America.

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Digital Factory Solutions

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