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7-Axis Turn Mill for Micro Size Parts

Starrag's Bumotec s191FTLR 7-axis turn mill is designed for manufacturing small complex parts in a single set-up whatever the raw materials may be. The requirement is to produce high value hard metal parts in avionics, industrial components or medical technology. Starrag machining centers dedicated to micro machining from bar are engineered for achieving these production goals and to meet the challenge of "bar to box" manufacturing. In the medical field, which requires the highest level of precision and repeatability, the Bumotec s191 machines are used for producing implants combining grinding, milling, turning, drilling and polishing processes without interruption.

"The requirement to manufacture complex micro size parts is in high demand - particularly hard materials used in the medical technology industry," said a company spokesperson. One such example is the femoral head made out of chrome cobalt. The approach to this manufacturing challenge is to start with a plain bar in 39 mm diameter and finish the femoral head in one single set-up. The Bumotec s191FTLR machine (turning, milling, linear motor, retaking) is able to perform six sided machining - including the grinding of the spheric shape (sphericity 2.5 µm) with precision and accurate finishing (roughness RA 0.02 to 00.3) without interruption of the cycle. The requirement to produce a precise femoral head is accomplished by using the machine's dynamic correction capabilities and contactless part probing techniques. With its full size sub-spindle, the linear motor driven machine is able to precisely turn, mill, grind, surface finish and 5-axis machine medical femoral head from high mix small batches to large volume serial production.

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