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Hearing Protection For Loud Working Environments

ISOLATE by Flare Audio Ltd is a new, patent-pending ear protector, a solution for any professional who works in loud environments.

Traditional earplugs rely on absorption to attenuate sound, which rapidly meets its limit particularly with bass frequencies. ISOLATE protectors reflect sound away from the ears, achieving much greater attenuation, as they do not accept sound into the ear canal.

ISOLATE reduces sound without muffling or distortion. It is designed to protect ears from loud noise that could otherwise damage your hearing.

Low frequencies produce the most energy, which is only partially absorbed by the plastic or foam of traditional earplugs. ISOLATE blocks all direct sounds, including bass frequencies. ISOLATE is micro in size and it can be used anywhere to protect your ears from unwanted noise.

Made from solid metal (standard aluminum or Pro titanium options), the micro protectors will help protect your hearing.

Reusable and designed for life-long use, the protectors work anytime you want to reduce sound levels, from working on construction sites, road works and projects with heavy machinery. Elsewhere, they are ideal for blocking unwanted noise during travel (train, plane or place noise), noisy working environments or simply to ensure a peaceful night's sleep. "They are so effective they are ideal for industrial workplace environments to replace both in-ear and over-ear alternatives and will particularly help contractors meet their health and safety obligations," said a company spokesperson.

"Traditional earplugs, in particular the foam ones, rely on absorption principles. Trying to absorb sound requires a large amount of material to work well. When an earplug has less than an inch of material, the resulting small scale absorption leads to muddy/muffled audio in the high and mid frequencies, with little to no reduction in bass frequencies."

"Solid metal is a good conductor so it has never been considered for use as an ear protector before," Flare explains. "But what we discovered was that, in order to conduct sound, metals need a direct connection. Without a direct connection, solid metal blocks and reflects sound perfectly. When you isolate a small piece of metal or dense material in soft foam inside your ear, sound cannot get into it through the flexible medium of air: it becomes the perfect isolator."

ISOLATE blocks sound from entering the ears and so attenuates all frequencies. Sound is not able to conduct into the patent-pending technology that ISOLATE uses, which means that users are able to turn their ears off to direct sound. The only sound you hear while using ISOLATE is from bone conduction, which results in low level sound detail, rather than rumble and distortion.

"I designed Flare ISOLATE with your listening pleasure in mind," said Davies Roberts, Director, Flare Audio Ltd. "By using our own patent-pending technology I discovered that I could create ear protectors that don't absorb sound, they block it, giving the user the sensation that they have simply lowered the volume.

Available in aluminum and titanium with a choice of color or even coated with gold or platinum, ISOLATE ear protectors are reusable; the main component (the aluminum or titanium body) is designed to last a lifetime. Its bespoke memory foam replaceable tips, EARFOAMS, are available in small, medium or large. Each pair comes with a set of each size.

Flare has chosen Kickstarter to launch the product following the launch of its acclaimed R2 earphones.

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