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Collaborative Robots and Cutting-Edge Products

Stäubli showcased a variety of products, including its new TX2 line of collaborative robots, at Automate 2017.

Stäubli unveiled its new TX2 series of collaborative robots to the North American market. The company also debuted its new MPS tool changers, which are designed to enhance the productivity of automated production lines, and the innovative solutions and proprietary technology.

"Across all divisions, Stäubli maintains a focus on delivering innovative solutions that improve efficiency and safety for our customers across the globe," said Roger Varin, CEO, Stäubli North America. "With pioneering new safety features, the TX2 line offers the world's fastest safe robots."

The new 6-axis machines are created to excel in every facet of automation, including high-volume manufacturing, Industry 4.0 applications and man-robot collaboration under all production conditions, illustrating the ability to produce a batch of one.

The new TX2 line is offered in six model series - TX2-40, TX2-60, TX2-60L, TX2-90, TX2-90L and TX2-90XL - these are capable of handling loads between two and up to 15 k with a reach between 515 and 1,450 mm. The 6-axis robots have a separate safe digital encoder for each axis and an integrated safety board. All safety features comply with the stringent requirements of SIL3/PLe.

To ensure maximum safety, sensors monitor every movement of the robot. In addition, all the coordinates of the robot as well as its speed and acceleration are recorded in real time.

Stäubli North America's Robotics Division Manager Sebastien Schmitt says the company opted to use standard models for man-robot collaboration (MRC) and has dispensed with the construction of typical assistant robots, which limit performance.

"Such robots are generally subject to excessive restrictions on load and dynamics, which is why we have adapted our standard robots to work with people without compromising on performance," says Schmitt. "With the TX2 six-axis robots, we can facilitate different levels of MRC. At the same time, the outstanding performance of these machines in terms of precision, reliability and speed means that they remain the first choice for all conceivable industrial applications that are subject to the most exacting cycle time criteria, which constitute the majority of applications in industrial practice."

The new 6-axis models have an enclosed structure certified to protection class IP65 and IP67, which means they are waterproof. The TX2 series is suited for use where stringent cleanroom and hygiene conditions are in force and for applications in harsh environments. Stäubli's understanding of this is demonstrated by a 6-axis machine equipped to Humid Environment (HE) standard, which makes them ideal for use wherever high humidity, water spray or liquid coolants are prevalent.

"The TX2 series represents a new dimension in terms of quality, precision, speed, dynamics and safety," says Schmitt. "In addition, the robots are Industry 4.0 compatible, and in terms of control technology, they can be optimally adapted to all kinds of user environments."

Stäubli Fluid Connectors also celebrated the world premiere of two compact, fully automatic tool change systems, the MPS 130 and the MPS 260. These two change systems are designed for the medium-payload segment, rounding out the tool changer line. With the automatic tool changer, the application of robotic automation can be significantly expanded. Although they are ideal for applications in the automotive industry, the advantages of the automatic gripper and the prospect of increased efficiency will be attractive to other markets as well.

Stäubli Fluid Connectors has paid particular attention to a weight-optimized design of the new tool changer. The weight of the MPS 130 is only 1.8 kg on the robot side and just 1.1 kg on the tool side. With the larger MPS 260, the weight is 3.8 kg and 2.2 kg, respectively. Although the changer is light, it is not short on strength and resilience. The MPS 260 impresses with a maximum load of 350 kg and a bending moment of 2,000 Nm. The smaller MPS 130 has a maximum load of 100 kg and a bending moment of 900 Nm. 

As with the larger models, the two new additions meet the strictest safety requirements according to safety category 3, performance level d. The tool changers can be equipped with customized modules and components for media, data and electrical power transmission.

Stäubli Electrical Connectors also showcased the CombiTac product line - a modular connector solution. It is capable of covering a wide range of different applications from manufacturing equipment and testing fixtures to product subcomponents, The modular components can be selected and incorporated together to build a standardized connector that meets each specific project's exact needs and demands, available in both panel mount and housed configurations.

From elevated current and voltage loads to delicate signal transmission, the electrical contacts can withstand significant shock and vibrational disruptions while maintaining strong contact force, as well as achieving mating cycle capabilities in the hundreds of thousands, due to Stäubli Electrical Connectors' proprietary MULTILAM contact band technology. Accessories can be included to further protect small contacts from impact and damage. Floating mounting points ensure proper alignment, while the high-power contacts are touch protected to assure user safety.

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