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Wire EDM Corner Accuracy

When wire EDMing small inside or outside radii, a wire EDM needs to make adjustments in order not to wash out the accuracy of the corner. Forces acting on the wire, like cutting speed and flushing pressure, can cause wire deflection, which affects the accuracy of the corner. The smaller the corner, the more difficult it can be to control its accuracy. Simply slowing down the cutting speed is not enough.

Seibu's Corner Control Circuit is designed to not only slow down the cutting speed going into the corner, but also automatically increase the wire tension and reduce the flushing pressure. "The combination of these three adjustments results in the highest level of corner accuracy. Additionally, the Seibu wire brake system is designed to eliminate wire vibration for further corner accuracy," said the company spokesperson.

Seibu's Corner Control Circuit is an on or off function, but when turned on, an operator can make additional adjustments during the cut using the slider function. The slider function allows the operator to either lengthen or shorten the corner control distance going in or coming out of the corner.

"Our corner control excels in parts up to 6 inches thick. Seibu's corner control is turned on during the rough as well as the skim passes," said the spokesperson.

These EDMs are imported into the U.S. by KGK International Corp.

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