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Metrology System for Micro Manufacturing

Quality Vision International (QVI) offers its OGP SmartScope ZIP Advance 250 high performance dimensional measuring system to the micro manufacturing marketplace.

"The SmartScope ZIP Advance 250 high resolution metrology system is the preferred benchtop measurement solution for high magnification video and micro-multisensing metrology," said a company spokesperson. "Its AccuCentric auto-compensating Zoom 70 lens system, combined with a high-resolution digital metrology camera and three illumination sources, provides the sharpest image fidelity for video measurement. An array of optional lens attachments, magnifying lenses and adapter tubes make it easy to configure ZIP Advance 250 to accurately measure tiny micro manufactured parts that must adhere to extremely tight tolerances. ZIP Advance 250 also features 0.05 micron XYZ scales, with dual X-axis scales, for extremely high-resolution part positioning."

SmartScope ZIP Advance 250 is multisensor-ready, for added versatility. Off-axis DRS or on-axis TTL laser, or the Rainbow Probe scanning white light sensor, perform non-contact surface contouring, and a range of touch trigger probes are available for tactile measurement of hard-to-image features. The system may also be equipped with the unique Feather Probe micro-probe sensor that can acquire data points with only milligrams of probing pressure, and with an SP25 continuous contact scanning probe.

The newest addition to ZIP Advance 250's multisensor arsenal is the TeleStar Probe high resolution surface profiling sensor. TeleStar Probe is a self-contained off-axis partial coherence interferometric range sensor for surface contour measurement. It offers measured point resolution in the sub-micron (< 0.1 micron) range, and provides excellent performance on both specular and light-scattering diffuse surfaces. TeleStar Probe is fast and accurate, quickly scanning up to 500 data points per second with 1.0 micron accuracy and 0.1 micron repeatability. It features a 25 mm constant working distance, and its shallow return angle allows measurement deep inside bores and blind holes. TeleStar Probe is mounted in a mechanical deployment mechanism that retracts it out of the way when not in use.

SmartScope ZIP Advance 250 is compatible with a variety of QVI metrology, productivity and offline software applications, including ZONE3, QVI's premium CAD-based 3-D metrology software. ZONE3 features a clear, simple user interface, and its kinematic model simulates the machine, part, fixtures and measuring sensor, updated in real time. Built-in productivity maximizing tools, integrated GD&T functionality and visual validation of measurement intent offer speed and power to the measurement process. ZONE3 supports simultaneous use of multiple sensors, making appropriate tools available for complex micro-measurement tasks.

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