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Robotic EDM Drilling Process

Current EDM, Inc. has announced its "RAD" Robot Assisted Drilling Program. A robot is used to enhance the entire drilling process. Part loading to 5-axis indexing tables, part probing or vision scan is done to determine drilling location and part transfer to an inspection station after EDM drilling. Automatic Electrode Changing is standard.

The RAD Cell features the Siemens 840Dsl for the most demanding jobs. Depending on the application, a 25-amp (0.002" ~0.070" dia. electrodes) or 57-amp (0.004" ~0.256" dia. electrodes) power supply is available.

Current EDM, Inc. has directly integrated the Siemens 840Dsl Control with the 6-axis KUKA Agilus Robot to create a formidable EDM drilling solution for unattended production applications. The EDMDrill head and robot are contained within a plexiglass enclosure with a safety light curtain that ensures operator safety throughout the drilling process.

Features include:

  • Up to six drilling stations (robot, drilling head and AEC) can be operated from one Siemens control
  • Part probing
  • Customizable units with minimal floor space
  • Easy axis mastering
  • High repeatability and accuracy
  • Post processor integration.

For more information contact:

Current EDM, Inc.

2577 Leghorn Street

Mountain View, CA 94043


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