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3-axis Part Feeder for Robotic Assembly

Asycube 50/80/240 family of vibrating platforms from Asyril

Asyril SA has announced the new Asycube 530, which extends the sizes of parts that Asycube feeders can handle from 0.1 mm up to 150 mm. The Asycube 530 will release later this year to meet the growing market demand for large-part and collaborative robotic part feeders.

"Asyril's unique, 3-axis voice coil-based feeder solutions have quickly become the leading choice for robotic part feeders, assembly and palletizing applications, due to performance benefits inherent to the 3-axis design," said a company spokesperson. For example, 3-axis voice-coil electromagnetic actuation can push parts in all three dimensions with variable amplitudes using Asyril's Feeder Control Center software. Programmable control means that Asycube feeder solutions can go from concept to deployment in hours or days - instead of weeks or months - for mechanical design iterations and testing of traditional feeder bowl solutions. More motion control also means Asycube models are compatible with 99% of part geometries - even the most challenging, such as miniature springs, gears and other entwined or very small electronic parts - and part changeover happens with the click of a mouse. "Finally, our voice-coil technology is cleaner, more robust, and more sustainable than compressed air-based feeder solutions, while being easier on part finishes than bowl feeders," said Dr. Alain Codourey, CEO of Asyril.

The Asycube 530 joins the Asycube 50, 80 and 240. Each number in the series represents the diagonal length of the vibrating part tray. Asyril also offers its SmartSight machine vision camera for robot guidance, which includes a 1.4- or 5-megapixel camera, and its PocketDelta robot for high-speed, small-part pick-and-place applications. Finally, Asyril also supplies complete modules and workcells that include all three product categories or any combination for plug-and-play part-feeding workstations, including custom-machined platforms for when part orientation is as important as singulation.

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