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Tool Changers with Robotic Compatibility

ATI MC-36R Manual Tool Changer

ATI QC-46 Robotic Tool Changer

QC-46 Tool Changer

The new QC-46 Tool Changer brings optimum flexibility and robot compatibility in a compact design. This new tool changer is lightweight, weighing 6.5 lbs. (2.98 kg) and has a very low stack height of 2.61" (66.3 mm). The QC-46 Tool Changer has a total of four flats and can accommodate up to seven separate utility modules to pass a large variety of signals, fluid, air and more. It utilizes the same locking mechanism as the QC-40 Tool Changer, handling payloads up to 110 lbs. (50 kg). It features the same XY moment capacity as the QC-40 Tool Changer, but has increased moment Z capacity-up to 2,600 inch pounds. Increased moment Z capacity means that the tool changer can handle higher torsional loads. QC-46 also features optional internal Lock/Unlock sensing and directly mounts to robots with a 100 mm ISO pattern. This eliminates the need for an interface plate in most cases.

Improved Manual Tool Changers

ATI has developed a cost-effective and repeatable solution for quickly changing tools by hand. The compact, but robust Manual Tool Changers come with a patented screw-cam locking mechanism and multiple fail-safe features. ATI's MC-16R and MC-36R model Manual Tool Changers have improved torsional stiffness, which resists vibrations and loosening. Upgrades also include an all-steel coupling housing for higher durability, and a ratchet knob for additional security in the locked position. A variety of ATI's Standard Series Tool Changer utility modules can attach to pass utilities such as air, fluid, power, electrical signals and more.

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