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High Precision Touch Probe with Optical Transmission

The Marposs VOP40P optical transmission touch probe is designed for highly precise measurement requirements.

The VOP40P optical transmission touch probe from Marposs has been designed for high accuracy, 5-axis machining centers and milling machines and addresses industries where precision requirements are pushed to the limits daily, such as die and mold, aerospace, aeronautics and biomedical. "Based on piezo-electric technology, the VOP40P touch probes achieve excellent measurement on 3-D surfaces with accuracy and repeatability within 0,25 µm," said a company spokesperson. "The piezo-electric technology enables measurement in different orientations without user intervention for improved efficiency."

Through automatic detection of machine axis position, the VOP40P achieves part positioning, workpiece orientation and origin identification as well as accurate part measurement. The VOP40P measures only 50 mm in length and 40 mm in diameter, making it well suited for applications where available space within the machine tool is limited.

Relying upon a special filter, these probes can distinguish false-triggering events from actual touch signals. The VOP40P precision probes operate with a VOI receiver through multi-channel modulated optical transmission, which provides high immunity to light interference and a wide operating field useful for large machines where line-of-sight between probe and receiver is not ensured.

Users can choose between three channels and two sub-channels, enabling each application to support up to four probes. With multi-spindle capability, the VOP40P can achieve two applications on the same machine with two probes used simultaneously. Twin applications allow for checking the part and the tool using the same receiver.

The VOP40P is part of the Mida Diamond line of high precision machine tool touch probes and tool setters designed to control every step of the production process. Advantages of the Mida Diamond probing line include reduced machining and checking times, increased production efficiency, reduced production rejects and constant machining quality level during the entire production process.

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