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Wire EDM Features Cylindrical Drive Technology

MC Machinery's MV series wire EDM machines are designed to deliver productivity and performance for its users. The MV Series features design and engineering improvements, including: non-contact Cylindrical Drive Technology (CDT), an improved power supply, auto-threading, deeper submerged-wire threading capabilities and more.

"The innovative CDT is an intelligent design concept that improves each machine's performance," said a company spokesperson. "The round magnetic shaft of the linear shaft motor creates a 360° magnetic flux for a no-contact design. The new, non-contact cylindrical drive system provides friction-free motion without cogging inherent in other linear motor designs.

"Other EDMs are built using large flat-plate linear drives, constructed of iron-core magnetic coils on the primary side and permanent magnets on the secondary side. This design limits the effective magnetic flux to only half of its potential. CDT's larger air gap between the shaft and forcer corrects this problem by minimizing heat output and the effect of metallic shop dust on the system."

Other advantages of CDT include:

  • Linear shaft motor (LSM) is a non-contact design
  • No lubrication or adjustment
  • No iron cores in the forcer or shaft = no cogging
  • Not affected by shop dust or metal grinding dust
  • Simple set-up
  • Reduced noise
  • Eco-friendly, energy efficient for lower operating costs.

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