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Addition of Micro Engraving Tools

BIG KAISER has introduced a series of new micro engraving cutters developed and built by its partner Sphinx. Building on Sphinx's micro tooling expertise, the solid carbide engraving cutters' sharp, positive cutting geometry promotes burr-free surface finishes and smooth transitions.

The engravers come standard with a O3 mm shank and are available in a variety of angles (30°/40°/50°/60°/90°) and in two possible point geometries-flat or radius tipped. The radius cutters range from .0016" - .0039" (.04 mm - .10 mm), and the flats range from .0008" - .0059" (.02 mm - .15 mm).

The micro engraver is appropriate for work in most materials ranging from alloyed and unalloyed steels to thermosetting plastics and even titanium.

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BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc.

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