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Wire EDM Accuracy on Long Burns

All new FANUC C800iB large wire EDM

Methods Machine Tools, Inc., offers the FANUC RoboCut a-CiB Series, including the C400iB, C600iB and the new, larger C800iB wire EDM, all of which are built at FANUC's robotic manufacturing facility in Japan. Accuracy is increased in the FANUC RoboCut a-CiB Series wire EDMs via thermal displacement compensation, which compensates for thermal distortion of the casting when room temperature fluctuates greatly. Factory tests show that a 0.0002" positioning accuracy and 0.0001" repeatability are fully ensured, even during long burns.

Also contributing to increased accuracy is the CiB Series moving work table design feature. "Unlike a moving column design that can be susceptible to lower guide position inaccuracy due to pitch and yaw of the column, the CiB Series Wire EDM column and lower arm are fixed, so the work table and workpiece move rather than the column, ensuring the highest level of accuracy," said a company spokesperson.

Machine speeds have also increased, with a rapid traverse of 78.74"/min. - over twice the speed of previous machines.

The FANUC CiB Series also features 3D Compensation Function, which reduces the need for indicating-in workpieces. This standard feature allows the operator to measure the flatness of the workpiece and automatically tilts the wire to make it perpendicular to the surface of the work, reducing set-up time. Another time saving feature is Core Stitch slug retention, which prevents slugs from dropping and eliminates the need for clamps. And FANUC's Advanced Automatic Wire Feed System can thread through the kerf up to 5°, which allows for full utilization of this feature.

All New FANUC C800iB Large Wire EDM

Offering a maximum workpiece size of 49.2" x 38.4" with either an 11.8" or 19.6" Z-axis configuration and a maximum workpiece weight of 6,600 lbs., the all new C800iB Wire EDM is ideal for a wide range of work, including large molds and stamping dies, and challenging applications, such as complex aerospace parts. An automatic dropdown door enables easy access to the work area and trouble-free loading/unloading of parts.

Several other important features come standard with each CiB machine, including the exclusive FANUC series 31i-WB wire EDM CNC controller with the new iHMI User Interface (Intelligent Human Machine Interface), large program storage capacity, remote PC access from handheld or desktop devices and the new Cut Linki remote machine monitoring software (ver.2.1). The Cut Linki monitors up to 32 FANUC wire EDMs, consumables life, tracks machine efficiency, utilization time, and has an easy maintenance service screen.

Similar to other FANUC EDMs, the new FANUC RoboCut C400iB, C600iB and C800iB wire EDMs are capable of manufacturing complex components and offer 7-axis simultaneous cutting as an option.

"The FANUC RoboCut a-CiB Series provides our EDM customers with the latest FANUC technology that can help them increase their bottom line through the machines' increased accuracy, efficiency and throughput," said Stephen Bond, National Sales Manager for FANUC RoboDrill, RoboCut and EDM Products, Methods Machine Tools, Inc.

The a-CiB Series is equipped with the FANUC 31iWB control with a 15.1" LCD touch screen. Models include:

  • C400iB X, Y, Z travels of 15.75" x 11.81" x 10.04" and U, V travels of ±2.362"
  • C600iB-12" X, Y, Z travels of 23.62" x 15.75" x 12.20" and U, V travels of ±3.937"
  • C600iB-16" X, Y, Z travels of 23.62" x 15.75" x 16.1" and U, V travels of ±3.937"
  • C800iB-12" X, Y, Z travels of 31.50" x 23.62" x 12.20" and U, V travels of ±3.937"
  • C800iB-20" X, Y, Z travels of 31.50" x 23.62" x 20.1" and U, V travels of ±3.937".

For more information contact:

Steve Bond

National Sales Manager

Methods Machine Tools, Inc.

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