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Twin-Stacked Conveyor

Jorgensen Conveyors is offering its new MunchMan II, a unique and effective chip and scrap removal conveyor for the machine tool industry. The MunchMan II is able to manage the long stringy and bird's nest chips generated by high speed turning and milling operations.

The MunchMan II employs a unique twin-stacked conveyor arrangement at the lower curve and through the incline and chip discharge of the system. The primary and secondary belts run in opposite directions to grab hold of chips, compact them and securely carry them up steep inclines, eliminating the risk of conveyor jams caused by chip balls tumbling back down the conveyor.

"Jorgensen's exclusive UVS Ecologic Conveyor Control with JamManager functionality enables unattended automatic clearing of minor conveyor jams," said a company spokesperson.

The MunchMan II can be designed to effectively fit into most CNC lathes and machining centers, and has little or no effect on the space required.

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