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Compact Oil and Emulsion Mist Filter

LTA AC 3000

The LTA AC 3000 is a compact oil and emulsion mist filter and can be mounted directly on the machine. It is available with a one-step as well as a two-step electrostatic filter cell. It can be equipped with adapted prefilters for removing coarse contaminants and extending the service life. The filter elements used in the AC 3000 are fully washable and the prefilters are installed in the housing. All the filter inserts are fully compatible with the AC 8000 - AC 24000 large filter versions. The collector cell is compatible with the AC 1000 model, which makes maintenance simple and economical for the customer.

The company reports the advantages of the AC 3000/3000 Solid as:

  • ESP or solid matter filter
  • One-step or two-step version
  • Effective suction capacity: up to 1,200 m3/h (capable of modular upgrading to 7,200 m3/h)
  • Can be mounted directly at the machine
  • Minimal energy consumption due to EC technology (optional with 400 V)
  • Option: mobile version with extraction arm, magnesium version.

For more information contact:

Erwin Junker Machinery, Inc.

2541 Technology Drive No.410

Elgin, IL 60124


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